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Online shooting games are a great way of spending time with friends or playing alone just to spend time. Games are not only a hobby worth investing in, but may brain simulating games are considered to be healthy for players. Research has shown that playing shooting games firsthand will increase one’s learning skills and cognitive abilities. Moreover, these games are better than lying around idly, because shooting games simulate hand-to-eye coordination. Other skills like visual perception, focus, and reasoning are also improved from frequently playing shooting games. Thus, it is proved that shooting and action filled games have positive effect on the players.

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On PlayTod.com, you can find a huge collection of free online games for players. There are different categories, and a lot of options to choose from. And the best part about these games is, that players do not have go through the hassle of paying for these games. Among other perks, these online free games can be played on your computer or mobile phones. These categories suit everyone’s taste, and are displayed for players of every age. There is no better way to spend time than on this online games website and playing games along or with your friends. All of these games in the shooting games category include popular ones and vary in difficulty range.

To name a few shooting online free games that are very popular and in demand: GTA Shooting, Campus Strike, Grand Theft Auto, Counter Strike, Strike Force and Space Turmoil. On this page, you will find games that are set in different places, ranging from war like visual settings to easy settings, and more fun games like Christmas Bubble Shooting and Santa Defender. Counter Strike is a very popular game that is set in a combat style arena with enemies to shoot. This game has many different levels and settings to choose from, and gives an adrenaline rush. On the other hand, Space Shooter is another fun game if you are a fan of space games and the intergalactic style setting. This game involves shooting the aliens, and is different from other battles or shooter games because it is set in outer space. 100 dollars Unicorns is another fun game which is also suitable for children. In this game, the players have to collect unicorns and find a good way of perfecting their target hit. Campus Strike is a game that involves good aim and shooting skills; and what a great way to better those skills. Terrorist Hunt is a game similar to Counter Strike, and has SWAT fighters who have to hunt every terrorist hiding in the arena. Another game similar to the ones mentioned before is GTA Shooting, which has many advanced and difficult levels. This game involves fighting villains and shooting them on sight before you get eliminated. This thrilling game has a lot of armoury and collection of weapons to choose from. Just like Space Shooter, Jovian War is another space game where players have to collect points by dodging alien attacks.

PlayTod.com is an amazing platform where you can find a wide collection of free online browser shooting games for free.