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If you like speed and thrill, then you would know how enjoyable racing games are. These games are designed with interesting real life graphics, where the control over the vehicle is focused and everything a real life car would have is integrated in the control system of the game. These games have become more advanced over the years, with their amount of control, variations, story lines, graphics, and the whole experience of racing from the comfort of your seat. Other than a wholesome and thrilling experience for the gamer, there are many perks of playing racing games that people might not know of. Although they are not as engaging as puzzles, quizzes, or riddles, these games are known to improve the concentration levels of the players. Moreover, these games boost the gross motor skills of not only children, but more advanced levels for adults are also available, which are known to really challenge the player in an interesting and healthy way.

These games usually come with options for two or three players, and are great for sharing with friends and family. These racing games come with specific instructions, and also help in building the problem solving and interpretation skills of the player. Ranging in difficulty levels designed for different ages, these racing games come in a variety of options that will make it safe for children and exciting enough for adults. Moreover, by playing these games, anyone can learn how to park a car, drive in a lane, and carry out other simple tasks without even being in a real life situation. So this can not only be a learning experience for players, but also a healthy and entertaining way to test one’s driving skills.

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Keeping in mind how often people indulge in different games over their computer or mobile phones and look for them over the internet, PlayTod.com has all the online mobile games you will need! Here, you have a long list of games to choose from according to your taste and liking, and the best part is, you do not even have to pay for them!

Among this collection of free mobile games, PlayTod.com is designed to fulfil the requirements of gamers with different tastes and ages. In the racing games category, you will find simple games like Shift To Drift, Burnin Rubber, and endless other games that are engaging, like Turbotastic. There are many options for advanced level games like StreetRace Fury, Gangster Runner, GTA Police, and ACE Gangster, and futuristic games like Missile Game, HexGL Online, and Super Rally. Many of these games have obstacles that you will have to cross to reach another level. These games are super engaging for those who want to play in scenes with amazing graphics, ranging from street traffic to real life situations, as are available in games like Christmas Traffic, Winter Race, Franky Valet Parking, Street Pursuit, Don’t Crash, and many others.

So if you like to have the ultimate racing experience, choose from the wide collection of games available here, and play online for free!