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Puzzles and logic games are an interesting way of simulating the brain and testing one’s ingenuity. They have been used for a long time for both educational and entertainment purposes. Puzzle and logic games can help boost brain activity and act as fuel for the brain. Moreover, these games are also healthy activities for children and adults alike. When children play puzzle games, they use their minds for logical problem solving, arranging certain clues to reach further levels, and making deductions on the basis of their new understanding. Different obstacles, riddles, and otherwise difficult questions, which children have to learn in class, are all wrapped around in an interactive interface with visual technology that makes it interesting and worth trying. More advanced games for adults, like Chess, the Neon Challenge, Chinese Sudoku, Mah-jong, and others, are also available, because exercising the brain is an activity everyone can and should indulge in. Aside from all the benefits of playing mind tricking games and solving puzzles, there has to be a guide to all these games, so that players do not have to scour websites and pay for every game. That is why PlayTod.com has a range of free online puzzle games, designed especially for you!

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At PlayTod.com, there are many puzzle and logic games, all in one place for anyone and everyone. For people who want to exercise their minds and are fond of challenges, PlayTod is the place to be. These free games can be played on your personal computer, android apps, and mobile phones very easily. With more than fifty puzzle and logic games for all ages and different levels of difficulty, the website is your go-to place for all sorts of games. You can find games for children like Chalkboard Sums, Animal Differences, 2048, Animal Quiz, and Hidden Classroom, which are designed especially for tricking children into learning important math lessons, and using hidden object games to increase their levels of concentration and motivating them to learn through scores and reach new levels. An example of an excellent puzzle game is Hidden Classroom, in which the player is supposed to find different items hidden in a classroom and the faster they collect the objects, the more points they receive. Also, Chalkboard Sums has simple to complex problems lined up for players, which are great fun for those who want to test their mathematical and statistical abilities. Combiner is another great game for those who want to learn and play at the same time. It presents a situation where the player has to combine the same colours and unlock different levels. Other games like 1010 Animals and Puzzle Match are inspired by the Tetris matching game, and are fun for people of all ages. There are many adaptations of popular games like GTA, Hitman, Angry Birds, Lego, Star Wars, Deadpool, and Plants Vs Zombies, which are designed for adults and young people. If you are looking for more fighting style games, then worry no more because famous games like Resident Evil and Counter Strike are also available. All of these free browser mobile games have a wide collection of categories to choose from, and are not just restricted to puzzle and logic games.

At PlayTod.com, you would not have to go search for any other games, because this is your one stop for all sorts of online browser logical games in one place!