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Everybody knows what is LEGO. It became a first toy for lots of people around the world. And now LEGO lovers can play lego games and construct everything they want in a virtual world in their browsers. Also great adventures of LEGO heroes are waiting for them! They build cities, defend the world from evil or just compete with each other in dexterity and creativity. We have lots of different games - chose one of them and enjoy.
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This amazing LEGO world

Lego world is really amazing and very interesting, because everybody can find here what to do! Some boys like to build new modern cities and castles with lots of defend towers and then fight with invaders. Others like to play LEGO racers riding on unbelievable speeds, and some players like to defend world from evil forces playing in a team of brave LEGO Ninja GO.

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Anyway - you can't find people who don't like LEGO games! They are so colorful and detailed that once you start you'll never stop playing. Puzzles and arcades, logical and building games where you can construct houses, cars, skyscrapers and anything. These games could be played by everybody - no matter how old you are.

Here you can construct and construct without any care whether some of your buildings and cars remains unfinished or you don't have enough bricks to complete it. Just start to build a new city and you can build it forever, because here, in your browser you can realize the craziest of your LEGO ideas online and for free.


Everybody can take part in LEGO racing, although cars are not very similar to ones from the real world, because they are made from LEGO bricks. So don't expect to find here familiar buses, SUVs and racing cars. Also you can choose any location for your racing - there are no limits and if you find the track you like you can create your own using this magic bricks.

You can use bicycles, cars and buses to take part in racing. If you can’t imagine your life without fresh air than take helicopter, plane or build your own air transport from LEGO bricks. Do you like water? Take boat of construct your own big ship. And if you dream about meeting with aliens you can take spaceship and fly through the stars and colonize new planets.


Here they are - cities of our dreams! You can make everything you imagine - huge modern city with developed infrastructure or beautiful town from Middle Ages with palaces or fortresses. Build towers to defend your old city from forces of evil, hire mercenaries and archers and create traps. Just make your imagination work! Only in LEGO city all ideas from your imagination may become real. And don't forget - there are no limits of bricks - you can build as much as you want!

LEGO City Online You can build your own city with LEGO

When you build your own city remember that is should be comfortable fot its citizens, because every city in LEGO world has its own unique history of life. When your city becomes alive, whine citizens stat to explore their living space, they should find place to rest, place to work, place to live and or course place to eat. So create parks where they can take a rest at the end of hard day, restaurants and cafes where citizens can spent time with their friends and relatives and eat delicious food, comfortable country houses and skyscrapers with offices where the can work.

Then you can choose one of the citizens and create his live with your own hands! He can be an ordinary office worker or fireman, policeman or some worker from construction site. Of course you can make him a criminal, stealing some things from local supermarkets, but pay attention to cops who are looking for these criminals and if they catch your hero they will take him to jail. By the way - don't forget to build a police station and fire station, otherwise your city could be invaded by criminals of just burned in great fire.

Ninja Go

It's not a secret that you can find ninjas in LEGO world - don't remember, here everything is possible. The whole team of Kru Jitsu masters leaded by Sensei Wu always ready to defend their lands from enemies. Koen, Kai, Bonsai, Zane and Nia - our undefeatable heroes. They defend world of any evil forces, they are masters of Kung Fu, swords and shurikens, who fighting with any amount of enemies they meet.

Brave ninjas can even fight against giant dragons or enemy clans. In games like Ninja Go you can not only choose the fighter you want to play, but even learn some new things, because legendary Sensei Wu explains you something interesting before every new mission. Follow his tips and don't forget the rules. Play only the best lego games, find the game you like best and don't forget to share this page with your friends and check it back later as more games coming soon.