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If you can't imagine your life without extreme than you definetly know what is Grand Theft Auto. First games in this outstanding series were very simple, but eventually it become very popular. So why GTA is so popular and why everybody who loves action games can't wait for next installement? Try to mix amazing open world with criminal romance, lots of vehicles you can ride and limitless freedom. This crazy coctail will suck you down so you can't live without speed!

You should buy expensive console or modern PC to be able to play GTA games, but only here, on this page you can choose and play any GTA game without expensive hardware and almost on every PC. You don't even need to donwload anything, you don't need to pay for anything. Of course, these are not original GTA games, but this games are also very exciting. We choosed the best arcades, shooters and driving games which are very similar to this popular series. It means you can explore open world by foot or by car, use weapons and kill innocent people of course, lol. Start with ACE Gangster - it's probably the best GTA style game available online fo free.

Also you can find other games connected to GTA, but not in GTA Style, such as nice runner Grand Foot Escape where you play as Nico escaping from the cops.

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The history

It was 1997 when Scotland developer DMA Design (the previous name of Rockstar Games) become very popular. They just released their first Grand Theft Auto game whose creative director was Dave Jones. Starting with this success becomes the second name of all following sequels. It took three years to create the first game. Some people like new concept, other gamers just hated it. And for this reason game become very popular.

GTA games Screenshot of GTA V made by Rockstar games

Fans couldn't wait for every next installment in GTA series and people from Rockstar knew it! They released five more games and in 2013 they made the most innovative, the most exciting and the most epic game - Grand Theft Auto V. The most amazing thing about every GTA game for PC is mods of course. Fans made millions of different modifications that could change almost every aspect of game and add new weapons, clothes, new cars and even new cities!

The list of GTA games for PC

Secret of success

So why all these games are so popular? And what consolidates all games in series? The first thing is freedom and criminals. These two components make GTA games so fantastic. Player can choose mission and can do everything to complete it - there is no any bounds! Everybody dreams to be a mad citizen who doesn't care about rules and laws. So in GTA games this dream becomes true! Here everybody can become true criminal - it is very simple!

GTA 4 game GTA 4 screenshot

In GTA you can complete missions, steal vehicles and escape from cops. You should drive carefully, otherwise you can brake your car and police will catch you! You also can drive helicopters, bikes, ambulance, boats and other vehicles, including Rhino tank! You can hear great music on the in-game radio while driving.

Gameplay and mechanics

It is just amazing. Really, a lot of players argue on control system, graphics, physical model of vehicles and other things, but all-in-all GTA games are very addictive. When you enter this fantastic virtual world you forget about everything, the city and atmosphere are so realistic that you can't even believe you are playing game! Ambient sounds and music are also important aspects of the game. So it looks and feels like real world. By the way, maybe you can experience the same feelings while playing GTA games on this page. Try it!


The story of all Grand Theft Auto games has very simple approach: player must kill every criminal and become the most respectable person in the city. But it is very hard to reach this goal. Maybe you already know that every city in every GTA game is unique, so you can visit virtual Los Angeles, London and other cities, which become prototype to game city: Vice City is Miami prototype, San Fierro based on San Francisco and so on. The scripts of every game are also unique, some of them take thousand of A4 pages. Maybe it is the real key to success of all these games. Maybe all these aspects, including the most realistic virtual world, freedom of movement, realistic graphics and others, made this games so popular so every boy wants to play GTA games.

GTA 5 game Screenshot of GTA 5 made by Rockstar games

You can call this games as criminal drama with funny jokes. The most important thing that should be remembered - after a few hours of playing you should come back to this world and don't do anything you saw in GTA in real world! It could be difficult some people, so maybe it could take some time for you to come round. But you should always remember that you should not steal cars and kill people in real life. You just idiot if you don't understand that.

Giant leap forward

Just think about all this time passed away from the release of first GTA and the amount of work that developers made to improve the whole lineup. Now you know the keys to success of this series. They made it for you, so now you can enjoy all this improvements, conquer all this cities and become the most sharp and respected gangster. What are you waiting for? Grab your first cat and prove that you are the boss in this city and nobody can say you what to do!