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2D GTA analogue

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This arcade game is a kind of analogue of the GTA, only the action does not take place in the 3d world, but in 2d. Of course, the quality of this world is not great, but there are certain similarities. People will be walking the streets, cars are driving on the roads, and you will have a specific goals. Each job is unique, but the goals are very similar. You either have to destroy the enemy characters, or help to get your friends to a specified location on the map. But there are a lot of interesting mission too and missions in which you will need to complete several jobs connected with one storyline. After finishing the main campaign you will unlock the free mode where you can do everything you want.

How to play
- Use WASD or arrow keys to move
- Use space to skip talking, enter or exit a car
- Use 1,2 to select a gun
- Use N for nitro while in car