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GTA Ped (auto smash 3D)

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Have you ever thought what it feels like to be a pedestrian in Grand Theft Auto games? Well it is very difficult to be a ped because of crazy drivers who always want to kill you by shooting down or running over with his sport car. Of course some pedestrians could use weapons and should their offender but there are a lot of weak girls among peds and you will control one of them in this 3D game.

So you are a girl with bit titis in the center of some big city with skyscrapers (maybe Los Santos?) who are just trying to stay alive because all this cars want to run over you. Choose weapon and try to destroy this cars, you can jump over them if it is necessary. Also you can change your clothes if you want because girls like to change clothes ;)

How to play
- Use keyboard left and right arrows or A and D keys to turn
- Use up arrow or W key to move forward
- Use down arrow or S key to backflip
- Use spacebar to attack