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Run Away 2

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This game is very similar to GTA and GTA 2, but main drawback of this game is you can't explore big city and drive every vehicle you see. It is story driven and very interesting - you can drive your own vehicle, you can go on foot and you can shoot gangsters with different weapons.

The story is that somebody called Tony send you a disc with top secret information before some bad guys killed him! He was your best friend, so this disc is one and only evidence, but you cant open files from the disc because they are well protected. So you should find the crack to open these files that may shed some light to who killed Tony and why he was killed.

How to play
- Use WASD or arrow keys to steer or move around
- Use 1,2,3,4,5,6 to select weapon
- Left mouse click to shoot (you can't shoot when you are in the car)
- Spacebar to break
- You can take ammo from dead enemies by switching to the same gun