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Ace Gangster Hacked

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Ace Gangster is one of the most popular open world flash games, where you can explore huge city the way you want. It means you can steal any car or bike and drive anywhere - there is no limits or restrictions! Do what you want, but try to avoid police as it tries to catch you if you'll break the rules or run over somebody.

If you played some serious games (i'm sure you did ;)) you'll understand that Ace Gangster is clone of Grand Theft Auto series. The game is very similar to GTA 1 and GTA 2. But it is more interesting, cause in Ace Gangster player has more freedom. For example, you can drive a bike and if you want to steal a car you should complete a hjacking mini-game like in GTA Chinatown Wars. Also you can enter different buildings and so on.

This is hacked version of Ace Gangster, thats why you will have a lot of money and weapons from the begining! It meanse you don't have to use any cheats. Go an own this crazy town!

How to play
Use W A S D or arrow keys to move
Space for actions
Z to enter buildings
Use arrow keys to drive
R to change ingame radio channel
T to turn off the radio
Use mouse to aim and shoot
1234 etc. to change weapons
M to place arrow on minimap
N to use nitro in car when available