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ACE Gangster

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Do you like GTA games? If so then you will definitely like Ace Gangster! This game is not only very similar to first two intallements of greatest series, but also it is better than they! It's not a joke - let's take a look! In Ace Gangster you explore MadAlley City, you can go anywhere you want, steal anything you want, kill innocent people (if so, you will deal with cops) and do some missions. Eventually you will get a status - you can be just a thief, a hitman, terrorist, driver, taxi driver, delivery man, street racer, cops killer, hacker and so on. If you are stealing a vehicle, you should complete a hjacking minigame, like in GTA Chinatown Wars, but if police saw you, they will try to catch you! Now abount wanted level: various things will increase your wanted level, such as friving over pedestrians, causing explosions, killing police, hit police car, attack some building, stealing and so on. If you wanted level increased, police will chase you - avoid them and move away from them!

Also there are a lot of other featuries which you cant find in GTA and GTA 2. For example, you can deposit your money in the bank, so police can't take it even you are busted, you can explode the buildungs and become terrorist - just enter the building and plant it, bomb will explode in 5 seconds, you can attack offices and raid banks to collect some money or get valuable items.

The main goal of Ace Gangster is simple: collect as much money as you can, reach the highest rand Ace Gangster and own this city. Enjoy the game and share you achivements with your friends in facebook or other players in comments section below!

How to play
Use W A S D or arrow keys to move
Space for actions
Z to enter buildings
User arrow keys to drive
R to change ingame radio channel
T to turn off the radio
Use mouse to aim and shoot
1234 etc. to change weapons
M to place arrow on minimap
N to use nitro in car when available