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Carbon Auto Theft 3

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In Carbon Theft Auto 3 you control car thief who steals expensive cars, thats why he should be extremely carefull and try to deliver car with minimal damage, cause if you damage the car mission could be failed or you will get less points and money, as you could.

Sometimes player should complete simple minigames, for example hjacking minigame to steal a car using lock picks. If you fail to complete lock pick minigame, cops will catch you, because stealing cars is very bad. Remember that and never steal cars in real live - steal them in CTA 3!

How to play
User arrow keys or W A S D to drive the car or move the Car Thief
Use Spacebar to brake
Use X to Enter/Exit the target car and to disable cameras
Use shift to run

Always check your damage meter and timer
Avoid crashing into obstacles