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Car Thief: Parking

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Your recent work for the Family has not gone unnoticed and your boss is going to give you the chance to prove yourself through the ranks - but you'll have to work your way up if you want to become the part of the family! You first jobs are low level carjacks, easy, quick word. Do not screw this up!

So in Car Thief Parking you should just park the right car on the right place. Keep in mind that you can enter any car in the area, you can use this ability to move another car if it blocking the road. Try to park your car very carefully, because if you run into other cars you will lose score ponts and you boss will be unhappy.

How to play
WASD or arrows to move

X or Enter to enter or exit car

Shift to sprint

Space for drift

You can use mouse to move thief or the car