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Sick Bay: Extraction Mission

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Fly a small pod through an artery to find the faulty robot. (Horizontal flying shooter)

In the year 2124, human health is monitored by “PhDs”, or personal health droids. These nanobots are injected into the blood stream at birth and travel throughout their human host until their day of decommissioning. On occasion these PhDs will malfunction, ignore their protocol and begin mutating the surrounding organic tissue’s DNA to metalloid. At this point the human must go to sector 12G or, as it’s more commonly known, "Sick Bay".

Game TIPS:
(1)DON'T shoot red blood cells. DO avoid hitting red blood cells with your pod if possible (they count against your score).
(2) DO allow yellow capsules to hit you. They give you missiles.
(3) Everything else should be killed.