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Perhaps nowadays it is very hard to find a person who familiar with videogames but don't know nothing about Counter-Strike or CS. Adult and more experienced gamers remember this great game as they spend lots of hours playing it with friends through local networks in computer clubs and at their homes. Younger players who didn't spent their time in computer clubs still know Counter Strike as a game they played in their childhood. And here you can see a couple of CS games which can be played for free. Of course this is not original games but arcades.
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The history of Counter-Strike

At first CS was only an expansion for popular shooter Half-Life, developers Minh Le and Jess Cliffe remade graphics and made some adjustments in game engine. First beta of Counter-Strike was released at the end of 1999 and soon become very popular thanks to its great feature to play with friends online for free. Soon Valve Company which created original Half-Life noticed success of this modification and accrued rights for it and Minh Le and Jess Cliffe were invited to work for the company. One year later, when the firs beta of modification was fully tested and polished, Valve released Counter-Strike 1.0 as standalone game.

CS 1.6 game Screenshot of Counter-Strike game by Valve è Hidden Path Entertainment

Afterwards CS 1.0 got a lot of gameplay improvements and new maps, which was created by developers and players. Two years later hundreds of thousands players were playing modification, they created about ten thousand maps for it, but official maps still were the most popular among players. Enthusiasts created a lot of different mods for CS. Zombie Plague, Deathmatch and Soccer Jam are the most popular ones.

As the game become more and more popular cheating was a growing problem of Counter-Strike. Players used different bugs to gain unfair advantage of other players, but soon, when developers started to eliminate all this bugs, cheaters created special programs that allowed them to view through the walls and see their enemies. Other hacks allowed players to fly high in the air, run very fast or kill enemies without aiming.

In 2002 Valve created special program for Counter-Strike 1.4 for blocking cheaters and while the game worked only with Steam there was no problems with it. But as you know hackers can hack everything if they want. That’s why soon new cheaters appeared on CS game servers. Afterwards anti-cheat system evolved and got a lot of improvements but it still couldn’t destroy all cheaters, so even nowadays you can meet cheaters on servers.

How CS 1.6 was born

It was a very giant leap in Counter-Strike history when the game was updated to 1.6 at the end of 2002. The graphics becomes much better, physics becomes more realistic, new locations and characters were appeared. Despite Counter-Strike online game is very old it is still very popular among thousands of gamers from all over the world. They don't want to play new CS games because of new engine and fully reworked physics engine. After original game developers released other similar games such as Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Deleted Scenes which was story-based, but they were not so popular and soon everybody forgot about their existence.

CS GO game Screenshot of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game

The next great step in CS history was release of shooter Counter-Strike: Source. It was based on new Source engine and had rather better graphics, textures and physics than its predecessors. Also now players could interact with different objects in the game world and even destroy them. Weapons also were fully reworked. A lot of players didn't like all these improvements, but others just installed this game on their PCs and forgot about the previous Counter-Strike.

In 2010 a big update for CS Source was released. It included a new game engine with improvements in physics, a new achievement system, a new death system and other improvements.

In August 2012 a new version of game was released which is called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The graphics become more realistic, new equipment and weapons were appeared and the game balance was changed a lot. Today players who liked Counter-Strike 1.6 are playing CS GO. And here on PlayTod you can find and play Counter Strike online and other similar games. Enjoy and never kill anybody in real life.