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3-in-a row games are tactical and a little more challenging than simply following instructions or shooting targets. These games can simulate ones time management and problem solving skills. These 3-in-a row games are a great way of teaching children how to match similar objects and colours. Many games have different objects and levels to make it more interesting. These online match 3 games have been gaining more popularity over time.

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PlayTod.com has a wide collection of games in different categories, and each category has many games to select from, according to your taste and interest. These online browser games are free, so you do not have to pay for them. You also do not have to surf the internet for a different game every time because PlayTod.com has a lot of options to choose from. Mental abilities of players are enhanced along with their problem solving skills. There are even researches that prove how helpful games can be for increasing spatial skills, visual perception and multitasking. If even at a young age, children take interest in these games there is a chance that their mental abilities would be enhanced. Other than being beneficial and safe for young children, there are advanced level games that have complex structures to make it more interesting. These games can also be an excellent way of getting children to learn about different colours, shapes and time management.

In this category, there are many 3-in-a row games like Colour Frenzy, Crazy Gnomes, Bubble Pop, Pixel Crush Mania, Snowball Rage, Santa’s Candy, Treasure Hunt, Back to Candy land, Fruita Crush, Bubble Gems, Christmas Three, Gold Mine, Minecraft Blockfall, and Xmas Chains, among many others. You can get these online browser games for free, and many other games on PlayTod.com. Among many other games, there is Fruita Swipe, in which players have to match three fruits. This game has many different levels for players to keep it interesting. Back to Candy land is similar to Candy Crush, which is a popular 3-in-a row game, and now you can enjoy it for free on PlayTod.com.

There are many interesting levels with puzzles to keep the player’s brain simulated and interested in the game. Soccer Bubble is not your regular 3-in-a row game and is set in a soccer ground. This game has different levels and settings for players, and you have to match three same coloured balls to gain the points. Colour Frenzy has blocks which have to be arranged by the players in order to gain some points. This is a fun way in which children can learn about colours and multitasking. Bubble Gems is also another great game, which allows players to go on a journey and collect precious jewels. There are many other Christmas themed 3-in-a row games on this website that you can enjoy. There could not be a more fun way to spend free time than playing free online arcade games on PlayTod.com. These 3-in-a row games can be played for free on this website on all android devices and computer.